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Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve all been enjoying the spring weather. We had a lovely week with plenty of sunshine. It’s been great to spend some time in the garden. I must say that my garden is starting to shape up nicely.

Today is quite a special day for me. It’s the 24th anniversary of the day that I landed in the UK. From this day forward, I will call it Lucie Landing Day. I posted my little story last year here. The last 24 years have been full of ups and downs. I have experienced quite a lot of loneliness but I’ve also had quite a lot of satisfaction in my role of mother to my one wonderful daughter, Sarah. I have experienced a sense of worth because my lovely friends have treated me with respect and kindness. And thru all the ups and downs my family back in Canada supported me especially during the hard times. I found a quote that struck me last week …


I think I promised that I would post a photo of my funky purple planter when it was planted up and in its’ resting place …..


When I first moved it and the sun was shining brightly, I thought perhaps the colour was over the top. However, now that it’s planted up and the plants are growing, I really like it. It’s cheerful. And I’m really pleased to have been able to breathe new life into something old.

My main hand sewing project over the past month or so has been my Patchwork of the Crosses. I have so far joined 9 blocks together giving me a real sense of what it will look like when it’s finished. I’m so pleased with the look which definitely makes it worth working on. All in all, it’s not difficult work. And I feel the repetitiveness is soothing and brings comfort. Familiar things always bring security.


So, my friends, please tell me what you have been working on. I haven’t been out and about much lately. I crave seeing other projects in progress which may bring me inspiration. I thrive on inspiration.

The last few weeks have been full of something and nothing. I’ve been working hard rebuilding my life. Slowly but surely things are falling into place. The house is feeling great and the garden even better. The university deadlines have been met. What a relief!!! Now it’s time to get out and about and enjoy the upcoming summer.

So, for this evening, this very happy and super ambitious quilt maker will be working on the Patchwork of the Crosses project. I hope you have a super cosy evening doing something wonderful. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching ♥ ♥

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Well the weekend has arrived in happy quilter land. It’s been a busy week of appointments, errand running and room makeovers. We did an awful lot this week. I think I’m glad to see the week come to an end.

I’m really excited about a new addition to my tools. I heard about a couple of new Sizzix dies yesterday and so I did a Google search and come up with a supplier in the UK. When I came home from running errands after lunch they were sitting on the mat. I can’t believe how quick they came. That’s generally unheard of to get such good service. Well anyway here’s a sneak peek at the appliqué dies that hit my mat this morning. I can’t wait to use them. I feel a primitive wonky log cabin quilt coming on using these wonky appliqué shapes.

With the night’s drawing in earlier and the temperatures starting to drop at night I decided to change the quilt that covers my duvet to my Lucie’s Mystery Quilt 2011. Have you got a favourite quilt for winter? I love my mystery quilt. The wadding I used was Warm & Natural and the fabrics were a good tight weave and the backing is a Moda, this particular combination is perfect for winter.

Tomorrow, after loading the next customer quilt in the longarm quilting system I plan on playing with scraps. I’m really looking forward to using my new dies and I think they will be perfect for the centre on primitive wonky log cabin blocks. And I have several ideas about how to quilt this project. The problem is I have so many techniques that I want to try. I still haven’t made my Jelly Roll Penny Quilt and I haven’t made the New York Beauty which I posted about some months ago. However I have now purchased the navy blue fabric for the background of this project when I visited Stitchin’ Heaven on Wednesday. There’s never enough hours and in a day to do all the things I want to do. Not to mention the energy levels are way done this time of year. Some days I feel like hibernating just like the bears in Canada……

Speaking of Canada….. Some of you may not know it but I am a Canadian living in the UK. I came across this version of the Canadian national anthem this week. Even my Sarah was impressed with this version and purchased it on iTunes. Click ♥ here ♥to listen and watch the rap version of Oh Canada.

Well everyone in the happy quilter household has had a very productive week. I’m sure we’re all hoping for a quiet weekend. A little playtime around the house would be great. I’ll let you know how that works out for us.

So for this evening, this very happy longarm quilter will be hand finishing off the binding on yesterday’s quilt which didn’t get finished last evening. Whatever you may be doing this evening, I hope it’s something relaxing. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching.

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