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Hello my lovelies. I hope you’ve all had a very enjoyable weekend. It’s been lovely in my little corner of the northeast of England. Except for the latest terror attack in London I could say that it’s been a perfect weekend. I managed to reach the perfect balance between work and leisure. I have been pretty busy with spring garden stuff of late. Just a couple more sessions outside and it will be exactly the way I want it.

The weather has been perfect for barbequing recently. So, I have decided to indulge myself this evening. It never ceases to amaze me just how much I can do by myself. Nowadays I manage to put a meal together using the barbeque contraption with great success. Somehow, I manage to cook the meat without burning it to cinders. Who says barbequing is a man’s job!

As you all know, I have been concentrating on making progress on my UFOs this year. Well I must confess that I needed a little change this weekend. So I dragged out these few fabrics from my stash …..


Guess what I’m working on?????? Christmas!!!!! After drawing my blocks, I made a start. Here’s a little peak at the first two.


I rarely use white as a background fabric. I find that the contrast is too stark but this time I decided to go with white. You probably can’t see the print on my background but it looks rather festive making it perfect for a Christmas project. I have prepped six blocks now. I will be securing the patches to the background fabric over the next few days. I hope to bring you a progress report next weekend.

So, all in all it’s been a rather productive weekend. I made a couple of trips to the tip. I baked some scones this morning and they were lovely. I prepped Christmas blocks. And I must say that I’m rather excited about this new project. Something Christmas themed will make a nice change from the regular stuff I have been working on.

So, for this evening, this very happy and super ambitious quilt maker will hand appliqueing patches in place. I hope you have a super cosy evening doing something you truly enjoy doing. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching ♥♥

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Well my day ended on a bright note. This morning I walked my Maisie in pouring rain. I was soaked right thru when I got back. My jeans went straight into the dryer and my jacket dripped dry in the back porch. Maisie made it quite clear that she wasn’t enjoying her walk by walking behind me trying to get shelter from the rain. My Sarah and I had planned to spend part of the day in Newcastle shopping. I wasn’t all that keen on getting on a bus after getting soaked but somehow we managed to stay dry throughout our visit to the city.

I have made a little plan about what I want to work on this week. The first project I want to work on, tomorrow, is this …..


Can you tell what it is or what it will be? No? OK I guess you will have to wait until I get it finished then.

The next project is this one …..


This bundle of quilt blocks needs to be sashed and joined together to form a quilt. I will be doing a demo about how-to sash blocks for beginners and old time quilt makers who need a crash refresher course. I accidentally found the perfect fabric to use for the sashing while I was tidying up. How lucky is that! I hope to make step-by-step notes to hand out to anyone attending the demo on Tuesday.


And now for the third project; I have made some templates …..


….. which I will use to hand piece a few blocks. I have fallen head over heels with hand piecing. I have always enjoyed working on hexies by hand. And I have always enjoyed hand finishing the binding on my quilts. Over the last seven months I have pieced quite few blocks by hand. I can’t think of a more relaxing armchair project. Hand sewing is such a friendly sociable pursuit. Hand sewing doesn’t make any noise and there is no struggle to get a machine working. So while using what’s in my stash I plan on piecing Chinese Coin blocks. It’s a very simple block which I think is interesting enough to keep me well entertained for a while.

Chinese Coin

Are you starting a new project this summer or are you working on UFOs? Are you learning a new technique? Do you enjoy a bit of hand sewing or are you a diehard machine person? I like to have a variety of projects and techniques on the go at all times.

Before I go tonight I want to tell you about something that happened here yesterday that I found quite amusing. As I have longarm quilted several charity quilts recently my personal stash of wadding has been disappearing rapidly. So last week I ordered a 30 yard roll of wadding and requested that it be delivered on Tuesday (yesterday). Well I was pretty busy longarm quilting yesterday and I never heard anyone knocking or ringing the doorbell. However I did find a card on the front door mat saying that a parcel had been placed inside my back gate. My back gate is locked and this gate and fence is just over 6 feet high. So the courier man lifted a 30 yard roll of wadding over the gate without damaging the wadding! I think that’s pretty impressive. I’m quite sure that I could not lift a roll of wadding up and over a 6 foot gate. All’s well that ends well.

It’s been another super day in my world. I woke up this morning wondering what I should do with myself today and for the rest of the week. I do have commitments Thursday and Friday but I’m going to be sure to make time to do something I really enjoy. I’m hoping for sunshine tomorrow. The sunshine always spurs me on to do good and useful things.

So for this evening, this very happy longarm quilter will be doing some appliqué work as well as hunting out fabric for Chinese Coin Blocks. I hope you have a super cosy evening doing something you thoroughly enjoy. Until you read me again,

Happy stitching. ♥ ♥

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